WBwso (taken from the Site):

How it works

WBwso is a really simple and well-proven system that has been repacked in an advanced form so that just a few people are able to do what normally takes a whole force of employees to do!
Automated systems for valuation, purchase, development, maintenance and sales in the end are what it takes to get the job done.

What is it that we do? We buy, sell, develop and maintain commercial websites! There is nothing about this; people have been doing it since the late eighties. The golden era in which anybody with a computer was able to make loads of money was in the nineties. Today, the competition is fierce and the money involved is huge, in both value and turnover.
We have all used a search engine to try to find a website about a certain “subject”, or “keyword” as it is called in the business. How often have we reached a website that is just teeming with advertisements and provides very little information on the subject for which we were searching? Very often. Nevertheless, we have all also come across very useful websites which also contain advertisements. Sometimes, we even click on these ads in order to get more information. This is what earns most websites some money, a click, not a purchase, just a click! When you click on the advert, the website owner gets paid for it instantly. You do not have to buy anything or commit to anything. You do not even have to register for anything, you just click on a link and somebody makes money on it.
How much does the webmaster make? It depends on the niche of the website and can range from $0.03 to $50.00 per click. The more competition there is for a keyword, the more money the click is worth.
• We earn money by owning websites, or rather, you own the websites with us and we administrate them for you.
• We have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) to make it possible for a single person to keep hundreds of sites up to date.
• We have a linking system that can add 14,000+ incoming links to any website.
• We have our own valuation system for buying websites. Not only can it instantly check how old the website is, it can also check how unique the content is, how many competitors there are, how many searches the topic receives every day from the big search engines and the value of a click. It does a lot more than that, but the end result is that we can evaluate a website faster and more accurately than anyone else. We never buy a “lemon”!
• We boast a custom system for creating content, both automated and manual. Manual content is written by university students in the USA, the UK, India, Pakistan and several other places. We only pay for what we buy and we only buy what we need at the moment.
• A huge amount of hosting solutions is available to us, both in the form of dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting. We have access to more IP addresses then most other website administration companies, making it possible to interlink a portion of the sites to increase traffic, page rank and value.
• We provide a custom administration system to our partners. This means that you and thousands of others can keep track of every owner’s return and accounts.
We have spent many years developing systems that will reduce the work load for each site maintained in the system. The more websites a person can administrate successfully, the lower the cost and the higher the profit!
Let us take an example:
We normally buy websites at a price equal to 6 to 18 times the monthly income. This might seem very low to some, but it is common practice in the business. Only websites with a few years of proven income are worth 18 to 60 times the monthly income and this also represents an important way in which we make money. The difference in value depends on the age of the website!
Let us say that we buy a three-month old website about acne treatment. The site has twenty pages of content and earns only ten dollars per month. We pay the equivalent of eight months of income as the site’s purchase price, i.e. $80.
Subsequently, our specially made program converts the website to suit our CMS (Content Management System) so that we can easily add more pages to it and provide more information about acne and acne products.
When we bought the site, we had already analyzed which advertising system we should use, so for this site we will use Google’s Adsense network.
We then convert the site’s layout to maximize clicks on adverts, we add more content and more incoming links to the site from our other sites. Incoming links are pretty much what Google uses to determine the site’s position in the search results, i.e. should it be on the first page when you search for the word “acne” or on page number 250. The higher your site ranks in the search results, the more visitors you get and the more clicks are made on the ads.
Now, with the right layout and design, more content and more incoming links to the site, we manage to raise the income to $30 per month in a very short time.
If we do nothing more to develop it and just maintain it (add some content now and then to keep it fresh), then the site will have a higher value in the future due to its age and proven track record.
We can now do one of three things:
1. We can sell the site after only three months and we will get three times what we paid since the income is higher. We have only spent a little money on some content and will make a nice profit. It cost us $80 to buy – incoming links and redesign were done through our automated system and cost us nothing. Adding some more content cost us $10 and we paid $2 for hosting for three months. So we invested $92 and received $240 plus the income for the three month period of $90 (three times the new income). A cool 320%+ return in only three months!
2. We keep the site for three years. The site earns us $30/month for 36 months, which amounts to $1,080. Its value also increases after three years of proven income, let us say 48 times the monthly income, which totals to $1,440. We have by now spent $150 on content (and the site would most likely be earning two times as much if not more) plus $36 on hosting and $21 on domain costs, as well as the original purchase price of $80. The income amounts to $2,520, while the costs were just $287. Our profit in this case is $2,233 in return on the original $80 invested! This means an interest of 2,790% in three years! 2,790%! A simple and proven system!
3. The last alternative, of course, is that we do not sell the site at all and simply keep it for as long as we like. We can use the income from the site to buy more sites and the income from those sites to buy even more sites!
Now, take the above example and imagine that we had bought the site for $10,000. What would happen if we got 2,790% interest on that? And what if we used the income from that site to buy more sites every day that would bring in more money which we could then use to buy even more sites? Now you know what we do and how we do it!
Our major partners are Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon and Clicksor. These are all advertising networks, so we simply buy the service from them to sell adds on our sites. We do not have to chase after advertisers, they do that for us. We do not have to worry about being paid; we get paid directly from the advertising networks like Google, eBay and so on.
After having read this, some people will say, “I could do this myself”. Yes, you can. If you have the time to maintain hundreds of websites, know how to evaluate them when buying and have the system for developing them with hundreds, or even thousands, of incoming links to each site, then YES you can. But you would not be reading this information if you already knew all that. Now, you can benefit from this simple way of making income without having to do any work. We will do all the work for you. You just sit back and relax, log in to your account every now and then and see how your websites are doing!
You can also benefit from our lucrative seven level referral system. This is basically the same amount of money that we would otherwise spend on marketing and advertising. You can now earn a commission that is paid directly to your account whenever you refer a new person to join WBwso. Not only do you get a commission on what they invest, but you also get a commission on what their referrals invest and so on seven levels down! If you want to do some work and earn a good income, part or full-time, then this is the most exciting program available right now! You can track everything from your account so you know exactly what you are earning from referrals. You can withdraw these commissions instantly or use them to invest in one or more of our other packages! Use our effective readymade adverts that already contain your referral ID!